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Financial Planning Starts Here

Larson Financial Planning is an independent, fee-only firm dedicated to the financial needs of health care professionals

"As a registered nurse or healthcare professional, you always care for the needs of others. When it comes to your finances, let us take care of you."

- Christina A. Larson, RN, MSN, CFP® 

Why Financial Planning?

Why Financial Planning?

Do you wonder ....

Should I pay off

my mortgage?

Is my money

invested correctly?

Do I have enough money to retire?

Should I take my pension in a lump sum or monthly annuity?

When should I start taking Social Security?

How and when do I apply for Medicare?

We can  help



Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of putting together your financial pieces and developing a plan to meet your goals. We help bring the components of your financial puzzle together for a clear picture of what you need to do. 



Whether you are saving for retirement or thinking about retiring, we can help. Do you have enough to retire? Should you take a lump sum or monthly annuity? How do you set up an income stream? We will help you create a path for success. Let's make a plan.


Investment Management

We invest and manage money. We assess and discuss your financial needs and create individualized investment processes. We also show you how to establish a retirement income  stream. 


Tax & Estate 

Taxes and estate planning are vital pieces of financial planning. We work with attorneys and tax preparers to ensure your documents and strategies are coordinated. If needed, we can refer you to specialists we have worked with for years. 



Navigating the maze of Medicare can be daunting. When to apply? How? Do you need a Medicare Supplement or drug plan? Which one? We have assisted many in making these choices. We can help you.

Social Security Picture.jpg

Social Security

When to collect Social Security may be the most important retirement decision you make. The wrong decision could cost thousands of dollars. We are here to help. We will show you how, why and when you should collect Social Security.


Meet The Team


Certified Financial Planner


Administrative Assistant

Our Client Experience

We specialize in listening to people and answering their questions. Our process is reassuring and helpful.

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12 Dana Avenue Winchester MA 01890

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