Investment Management

As a fee only registered investment advisory firm we can invest and manage your money.  We define how your money is being invested, how is it going to be monitored, what changes will be made and when.  No more guessing or confusion.

Don’t think you know more than the market. Nobody does.
– John C. BogleWhat is Passive Investing?
We don’t believe that active investment — trying to buy or sell stocks in anticipation of timing the market — works and we have witnessed this from both personal and professional experience. Markets surge (up or down) and are stubbornly unpredictable.

Investment Design:

Through thoughtful, personal discussions and through establishment of what is important to you, we create your Investment Process and determine your Investment Allocations.  This service is designed with appreciation of your risk tolerance, personal financial requirements and your financial obligations and resources.

How is Your Money Invested?

At Larson Financial Planning, we believe in Passive Investing. This means we invest in the stock market using low cost index mutual funds and Exchange Trades Funds (ETFs).   Your money will be diversified in different market sectors according to your risk.   We are pleased to be able to offer our clients DFA funds (Dimensional Funds), a leader in this investment philosophy. 

How Is Your Money Managed?

Together we determine your risk profile. Then, Larson Financial Planning allocates your money according to that profile.

On an ongoing basis we monitor and rebalance your Investments.

Your invested money is held at Charles Schwab, Inc.  Charles Schwab will send monthly or quarterly statements depending on your account activity and Larson Financial Planning will send quarterly performance statements.