Are You Stressed By The News? Here Are 3 Tips

The new stress has been coined ‘Headline Stress’ by Steven Stosny, Ph.D a Maryland therapist.

Every time we turn on the news, open a newspaper or read something on our mobile devices, we are exposed to some rhetoric.

Dr Stosny has noticed that women feel rejected, unseen, unheard and unsafe.

Men feel angry and disappointed.

So, to help, the American Psychological Association has developed coping tips. Here are a few of them.

Connect with people who think like you

  • Connect with those in your community.
  • Connect with friends and family. Meet them, call and hear their voices.
  • Connect spiritually through walks, meditation, religion.

Turn off the media after dinner, or even before

  • It isn’t necessary to catch the latest tweet or headline all day and all night long. Give it a rest.

See the Bigger Picture

  • Feelings are transitory and cannot last long unless you work to hold on to them. Whatever we focus on is amplified.
  • Focus on how you want to feel – valuable, empowered, connected.

You can read Dr Stosny’s article by clicking here.

In Summary

In my newsletter in October, I wrote about the effects an election has on the markets. Turns out it really doesn’t matter who is elected. There are more frequent ups and downs the first 6 – 8 months or so but then things settle out. Market conditions revert to the norm. That means, the markets go up and down depending on economic factors, not who is in office.


My Take on Politics:
Lessons learned from Mom and Dad


I grew up in Virginia, right outside of Washington DC. We were exposed to politics, day in and day out. Not only from the news and local environment but also at home.

My grandmother was a New Hampshire state representative for 25 years and my mother was the administrative assistant to Senator Bridges, the Senate Majority Leader. She then became a Town Selectman.

Needless to say, my grandmother and mother lived and breathed politics. All day every day. They were passionate and involved. They connected. They wanted to make a difference and they did. But, when ‘their party’ wasn’t in office it was painful.

I learned a different way from Dad. He was very engaged but his message was: Relax. It all works out. Standup for what you believe in, get involved. But be respectful of the other side. I liked his approach.

This too shall pass.

Thank you Mom and Dad