Lessons Learned from a Red Sox Fan

We were sitting right in front of the couple. I couldn’t help but over hear the conversation. She was talking about taking trips and redoing the kitchen next year.

After about two minutes he said,

‘Listen Alice, this is how it goes.’

‘This is the first year of retirement. We have fixed amounts of money coming in, social security and an income stream from our investments. That is it. This year we have trips planned. So, next year if we want to take trips, we can’t re-do the kitchen. It is either, or, not both. We must plan our expenses and live within our means. Otherwise we will run out of money.’

I am thinking – can I turn on my phone and record you?

He was right on. He hit it out of the park!

My Thoughts:

Retirement is all about managing expenses. So is life before retirement.

I know people who have high six figure incomes and cannot retire because their expenses are too high. They have a high mortgage payment. They have too much credit card debit. They spend too much money.

And I have clients who had moderate incomes, retired and are living nicely. They managed their expenses while working and are doing a nice job managing expenses retired.

If you have any questions about how much money you can spend in retirement, reach out and we can review.


One Of My Favorite Things


I love Scandinavian TV crime shows. Since my family is from Sweden and Norway I probably have a bias but they are really good. They are all the rage in Europe. Great plots and character development. Some scenes are graphic and some are a risqué but I close my eyes and hum during both. They have English subtitles.

My favorites are:

Beck, Annika Bengtzon, and the Swedish version of Wallander

The Swedish version of The Bridge is fantastic but it needs to be seen in order.

We get the DVDs from the Winchester Library. If they don’t have one I’m looking for on the shelves, the DVD is somewhere in Middlesex Library network. Some of the shows are available through Netflix.