A Lesson Learned From My Students

Christmas comes every year at the same time. Every year people say it ‘crept up on them’, or ‘it came early this year.’


During class, I ask the students how much they want to spend at Christmas. It is interesting – throughout my years of teaching, the amount gets less and less.  If anyone wants to spend more than $1000, all the other kids start giving them grief:  ‘What – are you crazy!

Can’t you find something better to do with your money!’  The class usually settles on spending no more than $500.

Here is their strategy for saving:

  • Open a Holiday club or separate savings account through your   credit union at work or your bank.
  • With each pay check, have an automatic deposit go to the holiday savings account.
  • When November rolls around you will have the money saved.  Do not spend more than what you have saved.

An example goes like this.  Let us say you want to spend $500.  You are paid every two weeks.  That is 26 pay periods per year.  Therefore, with every paycheck, have $20 automatically deposited to the holiday savings account.  The same strategy works for retirees.  Save a certain amount each month into a separate savings account.

The key is to establish automatic savings.

This is an ‘Ah-Ha moment’ for the students.  This way they won’t have a credit card bill. They love it.

Set up your own automatic savings. Share the tip with your kids and grandkids. They will love you for it.


How I Lost Weight

During client meetings and with my new picture, people have noticed I lost weight.

Since this is the beginning of the year and everyone is focused on new resolutions, I thought this would be a great time to share how I did it.

I lost weight on the iDiet.

It is a program developed by Dr. Susan Roberts, a researcher at Tufts University School of Nutrition.  She has been studying weight loss for decades and because the program is so effective, she was encouraged to offer it to the public. The ‘iDiet’ book by Dr. Susan Roberts is available on Amazon.

It is an on-line program, with a coach, weekly webinars, meal plans and excellent recipes. Dr. Roberts was a chef before her PhD so the recipes are easy and delicious. The best part is I was never hungry.

I lost 45 lb and many friends have been equally successful.