Stop Overpaying for your Medicare Medications

medications-and-moneyAre you a Massachusetts resident who is confused about all of the Part D Medicare medication plans? Overwhelmed by all the choices? Wondering if your current plan is the best for you?

Sifting through Medicare plans is overwhelming and sifting through Part D medication plans is worse. There are 24 different Part D medication plans and each plan covers different medications. And each year the plans change the medications that are covered.

How to pick the best plan for You

Don’t stay with your current Plan D just because it is familiar. Many times people run out of energy and settle for a plan that is at the top of the list or a plan that’s part of their Medicare plan. They could have a better option.

There is a wonderful resource for people who live in Massachusetts

The MA MedLine is a free program to assist Massachusetts residents in obtaining affordable prescription drugs.

The program is funded by the state and administered through the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and staffed by the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. The program provides free direct assistance to callers concerning the Medicare Drug Plans (Part D).


M – F

8am – 6pm.

How does it work?

The Masschusetts College of Pharmacy provides a pharmacist who enters your medications into their data base. The data base has the coverage and cost information of all the Part D plans available. In short order, the pharmacist provides the best Part D option for you. You can find additional information at:

Please contact me if you have any questions you’d like to discuss.